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LAFAEK, First Tranche Petroleum and Profit Oil - All Projects in $USD

Monthly FACT Sheet




BUProv Profit Oil & Gas Jan 16$4,117,167.68$4,117,167.68$0.00
Bank Charges$-80.06$-72.05$-8.01
Interest Received$661.91$595.72$66.19
BULPG FTP$6,128.99$5,516.09$612.90
BULNG FTP$232,064.79$0.00$232,064.79
BUProv Profit Oil & Gas Jan 16$1,723,361.09$0.00$1,723,361.09
KitanKitan Profit Oil$-14,981.68$-13,483.51$-1,498.17
BUCondensate FTP$98,341.95$88,507.76$9,834.19
BULNG FTP$639,020.78$639,020.78$0.00
KitanKitan Royalty$72,877.85$65,590.07$7,287.79
BUFinal Profit Oil & Gas Dec 2015$12,473,444.95$11,226,100.46$1,247,344.49

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