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Greater Sunrise, JPDA 03-19 and JPDA 03-20

Greater Sunrise

JPDA 03-19 and JPDA 03-20


(Operator – Woodside Petroleum (Timor Sea 19) Pty Ltd)

(Operator – Woodside Petroleum (Timor Sea 20) Pty Ltd)


The Sunrise and Troubadour fields are two adjacent but separate gas-condensate fields collectively known as Greater Sunrise. Troubadour-1 was drilled in 1974 and the Sunrise discovery wells Sunset-1, Sunset West-1 and Sunrise-2 were drilled in 1997/98.


Greater Sunrise

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The field is large, 75 x 50 km overall, with reserves of 7.7 trillion cubic feet of gas and 299 million barrels of condensate (light oil). The reservoir is in a 60 to 80 metres thick Jurassic sandstone.

The Treaty on Certain Maritime Arrangements in the Timor Sea (CMATS) has been ratified by Timor-Leste and Australia.  This Treaty splits revenues 50-50 between the two nations.

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