JPDA: Monthly Production
Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE)

Previous 3 months

MonthProduction (BOE)
Aug '183,525,956.46
Sep '183,335,945.16
Oct '183,549,679.34

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo

LAFAEK, First Tranche Petroleum and Profit Oil - All Projects in $USD

Monthly FACT Sheet




BUFinal Profit Oil and Gas Jul 18$1,716,611.18$1,544,966.06$171,645.12
BUProvisional Profit Oil and Gas Aug 18$9,675,925.97$8,708,333.37$967,592.60
Interest Received$219.35$197.41$21.94
Bank Charges$-55.00$-33.50$-21.50
BULNG FTP$4,969,904.01$4,472,913.61$496,990.40

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