JPDA: Monthly Production
Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE)

Previous 3 months

MonthProduction (BOE)
Feb '193,554,170.81
Mar '193,794,079.14
Apr '192,608,436.1

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo

LAFAEK, First Tranche Petroleum and Profit Oil - All Projects in $USD

Monthly FACT Sheet




BUFinal Profit Oil & Gas Nov 2018$6,226,474.51$5,603,827.06$622,647.45
BUCondensate FTP$2,164,458.79$1,948,012.91$216,445.88
BUProv Profit Oil & Gas Dec 2018$47,209,702.06$42,488,731.85$4,720,970.21
BULNG FTP$5,711,757.49$5,140,581.74$571,175.75
BULPG FTP$842,576.20$758,318.58$84,257.62
Interest Received$2,542.16$2,287.94$254.22
Bank Charges$-55.00$-33.50$-21.50

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